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About Us

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Robert Squires



I have been been teaching ESL/EFL since 1997 and have worked in Japan, Bolivia, Korea and the U.K. Until recently, I was responsible for developing online resources and running short-term programs at the English Language Institute at The University of Montana. I am now employed as an Instructional Designer for the university. I have presented workshops regionally and nationally on technology use in the classroom. I'm also a proud webhead. 


Rita Zeinstejer



A veteran Webhead, having entered the inspiring community in 2002, I was furnished and enriched with the knowledge, the experience, the wisdom of all and every member --and with the fortune of meeting professionals and friends from all over the world.

I have been a mentor in my area, coordinating the CALL SIG for EFL teachers since 2001, have delivered f2f and online seminars both locally and abroad, as a participant in different Conferences and Congresses –LABCI, FAAPI, TESOL, IATEFL, as well as in various projects involving teachers and students from different countries.

I have been integrating Internet tools into my f2f classes using blogs, wikis and many different applications with my students, and given presentations on my work.

I have also published several articles in Essential Teacher –TESOL magazine-- as well as in the APrIR magazine, a local EFL production.

I have organized --and currently coordinate-- the Multimedia Centre at the Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa, the private Institute where I am also a Director for Advanced Courses.


Nina Liakos 





I have taught ESL in a higher education setting since around 1975 and have been at the Maryland English Institute (University of Maryland College Park, USA) since 1981. I took Becoming a Webhead 2006, and I have been interested in using web tools in life and teaching ever since. The tools I have used most in my nearly three years as a webhead include blogs (especially Blogger and Wordpress), VoIP, wikis (pbwiki and wikispaces), and Tapped In.  My husband Christoforos and I have one daughter, Vicki.  We live in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a city of about 50,000 twenty miles from Washington, DC.


Maru Del Campo


Hello everyone!

I'm glad to be here, I hope to be of assistance to you, to learn a lot and have fun together.

Receive a warm hug from Toluca, Mexico.


I have been involved with the EVO's since 2006 as participant and became a Webhead in 2007. 

My BA is on Clinical Psychology (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí) 

My MSc is on Organizational Psychology (Manchester University, England).

I'm a founder member of ADEHUM, a Mexican National Organization of Psychotherapists.

I hold diplomas on Gestalt therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Teaching English for Elementary School among others. I recently undertook an online course on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge hosted by the University of Manitoba, Canada.

My current interests are enabling Digital Literacy for Spanish language speakers. The site where we gather is called BaeL (Becoming an e-Learner), our YH group is bael-pc. Both sites are bilingual (Spanish/English). If you want to know a bit more about me please visit my blog.


Please add me as friend in the venues we will use during this Enhancing Lessons great adventure to have an easier contact.

YH ID: marubael

My Skype ID: mmvmaru

Hotmail ID: mmvmaru

Twitter ID: marudelcampo

My name in Second Life is: Mmvcentro Jewell. 


Mary Di Monaco 



I'm an EFL teacher from Argentina. I have been teaching English at my own institute for over 20 years now.

As for my experience of ICTs, I took a course on Teaching English Via the Internet, and another on Instructional Design for E-Learning, certified by the UTN (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional). However, I can say that my real involvement with the new ICTs and their implications for language teaching and learning started two years ago, when I joined the CALL SIG coordinated by Rita Zeinstejer. Then, I took the ~BaW08 course, which I always refer to as a turning point in my life, both professionally and personally. Now I am delighted to be in the moderating team of Enhancing Lessons. I really hope I can give something in return for all I have received from this wonderful community.



Analia Dobboletta



I'm an EFL teacher, teacher educator and online instructor from Rosario, Argentina. I hold an MA in ELT & Applied Linguistics and a Dip. in e-learning & DE. Ever since I joined ~BaW06, I have found in this community the incentive to use new web apps. I'm currently working with Alicia and a team of teachers in the MM project that Rita coordinates at ARCI. My philosophy is 'nobody teaches anybody, we all learn together' so I'm delighted to share my experience as a co-mod of Enhancing Lessons with Web 2.0.


Alicia Zuliani



I am an EFL teacher from Argentina. I teach children, teenagers and adults at private language schools in Rosario. It was Rita Zeinstejer who introduced me to the world of CALL and now I am working with her and the group of teachers she coordinates at the Multimedia Centre at ARCI, Rosario, where we develop materials for our students. We are working mainly with videos and Hot Potatoes. I am willing to share my experience in this area and very excited to be part of this group.


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