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Well, here's to the first of our post-session explorations! Thanks to Margaret and Julia for leading us on to new fields:


Tutorial (Julia)


  • creating an account
  • importing bookmarks
  • installing and using the bookmarklet tool
  • organizing your bookmarks
  • a little bit about tagging
  • networking with other users
  • subscribing to tags


Slideshow on key items of del.icio.us (Rita)


What's New in del.icio.us video



Adding Browser Buttons 1 /2 (for easy bookmarking) 


Enhancers Del.icio.us Usernames (to add people to your network, perhaps)

You will need to join the Enhancing Lessons YG to view or add yours to these.


Use of del.icio.us in the classroom





  • Getting started/ How to organize tags
  • Group Collaboration/ Setting up a shared network
  • Sending bookmarks to people
  • Subscriptions
  • Flagging
  • Twemes
  • To explore:  RSS Feeds, Facebook, Blogs 


Further Exploration

  • Diigo
  • Semantic Aware Social Bookmarking Tools such as Faviki
  • Folksonomies


A little idea




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