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Week 3

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Integrating Online Speaking and Listening (Jan. 26 - Feb. 1)

With principles of effective lesson planning in mind, participants will explore applications of Voicethread and Chinswing. They will analyze the applicability of the tools using a rubric and will record their ideas on the potential uses of these tools and post them to their blogs. Participants will visit each other's blogs to give supportive feedback. 


Learning Outcomes 


On completion of Week 3, participants will be able to: 


1) Determine the applicability of Voicethread and Chinswing in a variety of instructional contexts. 

2) Provide a rationale for the need to determine learning outcomes for lessons. 

3) Determine the applicability of the Backwards Design model of lesson planning in a specific context.





In this week, participants will:


  • View tutorial on Voicethread
  • View tutorial on Chinswing
  • Join an existing Voicethread/ Chinswing conversation. Follow these links to join.

  • Comment on uses of both tools in the YG.
  • View example lesson plans
  • Develop a lesson plan for using Voicethread or Chinswing (optional, a lesson plan for using one tool would be great)
  • Create a voice recording using one of the tools and post it on your blog (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Visit other participants' blogs and comment on their ideas using Voicethread and Chinswing (optional)
  • Join one of the Saturday sessions to discuss their lesson plan ideas and connect with group (optional)
  • Give feedback on how the week was by answering 3 simple questions.
  • Self-check the learning outcomes for Week 3





     Investigate Podomatic 

Comments (1)

Margaret Redus said

at 8:56 am on Jan 31, 2009

Whew, what a wonderful, exhausting, rewarding week this has been!!!

I have two questions about the Week 3 activities.
1) Evaluation Rubric - are there examples available on this site?
2) 3 simple questions - how will we receive these this week?

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